Your Donation Helps

Child Care Solutions has met with refugees who have settled in Central NY and working to fulfill their American Dream as well as other community groups.  Staff members teach everything from nutrition, art, and music to health and safety and regulations.  We are here to teach, but inevitably we become the students. Many of those we work with are inspirational, courageous and quite frankly awe-inspiring. We are humbled by their perseverance, thirst for knowledge and gratitude. United we create a beautiful, colorful community. If you would like to support programs like this so all children have access to high quality child care please consider donating to Child Care Solutions.

Child Care Solutions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that has served the Central New York community since 1975. Our mission is to build excellence in early care and learning systems while advancing equal access for all children in our community. We envision that every child is cared for in a high quality, safe and nurturing environment that cultivates healthy development, early learning and joy.  We count on your financial support to help ensure that:

  • Families have access to high-quality, affordable, safe child care; and
  • Child care providers have the knowledge, skills and resources they need to support children’s early learning and healthy development.

Child Care Solutions has 5 Giving Society Levels we encourage you to join:

  • Strong Start Society for donations between $1-$99 annually
  • Building Blocks Society for donations between $100-$499 annually
  • Foundation Society for donations between $500-$999 annually
  • Circle of Care Society for donations between $1000-$4999 annually
  • Changing Futures Society for donations $5000 + annually

Easily make a donation by using the links below or contact Anne Napper for more information.