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Trainings for April and May Categories
DATE   Format   TOPIC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
24-Apr   Classroom   What Can We Do About ACEs     x             x
26-Apr   ZOOM   Infant / Toddler ACEs     x             x
28-Apr   Classroom   Infant / Toddler Toy Making x   x x            
30-Apr   ZOOM   Music & Movement x x x              
5-May   ZOOM   Toddler Art x   x              
5-May   Classroom   Marketing Your DC Business     x   x          
6-May   ZOOM   Creating Welcome Environment x   x x            
10-May   Classroom   Ten Books x   x              
12-May   Classroom   Sensory Activities x   x              
15-May   Classroom   ACEs     x             x
17-May   ZOOM   ACEs     x             x
20-May   Classroom   Inf/Tod Exploration x   x              
24-May   ZOOM   CAM: Making the Call         x x x x x  
24-May   Classroom   Supervision for Inf/Tod x   x x x   x      
26-May   Classroom   Don't Box Me In x   x              
28-May   ZOOM   STEM for SACC x   x