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OCFS Required Topic Areas:

  1.  Principles of childhood development

  2.  Nutrition and health needs of infants and children

  3.  Child day care program development

  4.  Safety and security procedures

  5.  Business record maintenance and management

  6.  Child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention

  7.  Statute4s and regulations pertaining to child day care

  8.  statutes and regulations pertaining to child abuse and maltreatment

  9.  Educationa nd information on the identification, diagnosis and prevention of shaken baby syndrome

10.  Adverse childhood experiences, focused on understanding trauma and on nurturning resiliency  (For SACC programs this is category 9)


Trainings for Jan - Mar 2023



DATE   Format   TOPIC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1/04    CLASSRM    Successes in Toilet Training  x  x    x            
1/07        Tax Preparation for FDC/GFDC          x          
1/11        STEM  x    x              
1/18        Child Abuse & Maltreatment            x    x  x  
1/26        Classroom Meetings  x    x  x            
1/31        Appropriate Floor Time  x  x    x      x      
2/09        Communicating as a Team      x  x  x          
2/10        Kindergarten Readiness  x    x              
2/16        Making the Most of Circle Time  x    x              
2/23        Emergency Preparedness        x  x    x      
2/28        Fragile Babies/Gentle Touch  x  x        x      x  
3/07        DAP  x    x  x  x    x      
3/09        Addressing Biting  x  x    x            
3/16        Experiencing Outdoor Play  x    x  x      x      
3/23        Self-Help Skills for Tod  x  x  x  x      x      
3/30        Addressing Nutrition  x  x  x              
  Special Courses    
ALL       CPR/First Aid Courses   x   x            
ALL       MAT classes   x   x     x