Other Training Sources

While the CCS Professional Development team is always here to support you and your program through our training workshops, certification courses, technical one-on-one assistance, and coaching, a number of other organizations offer high-quality professional development for child care providers. You can learn more about what each organization below has to offer by visiting their websites. We've also included a list of upcoming training opportunities hosted by other organizations. 

Please remember, the trainings listed below are not hosted by Child Care Solutions; if you have questions related to one of the events from this page, please contact the host organization directly. 

Other Organizations

  • The Aspire Registry is an online system that supports early childhood professionals and recognizes the valuable work that you do. They work to bring increased recognition and professionalism to the early childhood field across New York.  Website:  https://nyworksforchildren.org
  • The Care Courses School (often referred to as "Care Courses") has been a distance learning school specifically for early childhood professionals since 1990 and offers over 60 different courses. Website:  https://www.carecourses.com/PublicPages/Home.aspx
  • When looking for other distance learning options, it’s important to make sure the class meets OCFS training criteria for distance learningThe Early Childhood Education and Training Program (ECETP) lists on their website the NYS Non-Credit Distance Learning Course Criteria Guide, a listing of OCFS Non-Credit Bearing Distance Learning Courses and also a list of approved organizations. There is also a helpful video about using their distance learning resource page. Website: https://www.ecetp.pdp.albany.edu/distance.aspx