Guidance for Revitalizing or Reopening

As you begin to think about re-opening your program, or if you have remained open and will soon have parents returning to work/children returning to your program, you may be wondering how you should prepare or if there are new procedures you should consider putting in place. The staff at Child Care Solutions has worked hard to put together a booklet to help you through this process titled, “Guidance for Revitalizing or Reopening Your Child Care Business.” 


We have compiled guidance and recommendations from the CDC, DOH, OCFS and other reputable organizations to help you re-open or revitalize your program in a way that keeps children and caregivers healthy, and promotes the public perception of regulated child care as a safe place. Child care providers can no longer continue with “business as usual”. Let parents know about all the improvements undertaken to keep children and caregivers healthy. Promote NYS regulated child care as a safer option than neighborhood teenagers or elderly relatives.

Whether you are re-opening or transitioning from caring for the children of temporary essential workers to previously enrolled families, this guide was put together by to assist you in adjusting your business to promote confidence.

Please note; this booklet was created by Child Care Solutions to offer guidance for child care programs from reputable organizations. The information in the guide (with the exception of official executive orders referenced from the DOH/NYS/OCFS) is to be used as a resource and is not mandated at this time. 

Click here to download “Guidance for Revitalizing or Reopening Your Child Care Business”

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