Expand Child Care Day

Mayor Walsh issued a joint proclamation with Onondaga County declaring Monday, April 4th, "Expand Child Care Day."  There is a lack of child care and it impacts the working people, the under-employed, families, and most importantly, the children.  This is a serious problem in Central New York.  Syracuse and Onondaga County are among 60% of New York that is considered "child care deserts."  The state has $70 million available to help individuals and organizations start child care programs in these areas.

To learn more about the grant and start your child care program today, Click Here.

Here is a quote from our Executive Director, Lori Schakow:

"A lot of times people think of child care as babysitting, using a teenager so you can go out on date night or something, but these individuals are really early educators that are providing high quality care in safe environments for children and that is hard work and critical."

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