Earn Your CDA

CDA? What’s that? The Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™ is a nationally recognized credential in the early childhood education field and is a stepping stone on the path of career advancement for family child care providers, center-based, or school setting staff. Demand is high for quality child care providers and earning your CDA is a mark of professionalism that is widely respected. It gives assurance to parents and administrators that they have hired a qualified individual to care for their children. Whether you’re just beginning your career or an established provider looking to grow your program, we offer a six-month CDA course that will give you the confidence and motivation to advance your career as an early childhood educator. The Child Care Solutions CDA Program is a unique combination of training and mentoring. This dual approach supports the CDA candidate while focusing on quality improvement within their program.

What does it cost? Child Care Solutions’ CDA program is $1500, your $50 required registration fee is subtracted from that amount.

Current CDA Session Started - July 12th

Our July CDA session started Tuesday, July 12th, 2022.  You can still join us if it is before Juyly 26th.  After that our next CDA session will begin some time in January 2023.  You must complete a Registration Application (downloadable below) and submit that with your $50 registration fee.   

We can answer your CDA questions through e-mail or over the phone. Please contact Kristi Cusa by emailing kristic@childcaresolutionscny.org or calling (315) 446-1220 ext. 309.

Download Registration Form here.

To Register and pay your $50 application fee go to:  https://childcaresolutionscny.org/civicrm/event/info?id=12193&reset=1

To apply for your EIP Award through PDP go to:  https://www.ecetp.pdp.albany.edu/eip.aspx#about-cda

Registration Instructions

1. A Registration Form must be completed and submitted with your $50 registration fee.  The Registration Form can be downloaded by clicking the link listed above.  You must return a signed copy to Child Care Solutions, 6724 Thompson Rd, Syracuse, NY 13211.

2. You can pay your $50 registration fee either by check made out to Child Care Solutions and mailing it with your Registration Form or go online to our website Calendar.

3. Once we have received your Registration Form and Registration Fee you will be enrolled and receive e-mail confirmation.  

4.  You can apply for EIP to pay up to $1,250 towards this course.  You will be responsible for the balance and a Payment Plan will be created so you can make easy monthly payments.

5.  Your payment method must be secured by the 4th week of class.