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There are more than 845,000 children under age 6 in New York whose parents work every week.  High quality child care is critical to  working parents, business leaders and most importantly the healthy development of children. Because we are committed to this issue we are members of the NYS Early Care and Learning Council (ECLC), Winning Beginning NY (WBNY), and Child Care Aware of America. These organizations are leaders in state and national early care and education advocacy efforts.  Our own local Policy Agenda speaks to the issues of greatest concern here in Central New York.

Learn more about the advocacy that is being done below and learn how you can become an advocate for high quality child care. 

Become An Advocate

Contact your representatives

Whether you are a parent of a toddler, a child care provider or a business owner with employees who need high-quality child care, your “real life” story demonstrates the important need of high quality child care.  Tell your representatives your story.

US Senate

US House of Representatives

NYS Assembly

NYS Senate

Current advocacy agendas

Every year our member organizations publish advocacy agendas.  We support the efforts of these organizations and advocate for the same policies.  Click on the links below to view the agendas.

Child Care Aware

NYS Early Care & Learning Council

Winning Beginning NY

Child Care Solutions


 Learn more

Stay up to date on the research & reports regarding high quality early care and learning and it's effects on childhood development and our economy. 

Business Leader Actions to Support Early Childhood:

Children Can't Wait

Research Center

Boosting NY's Economy  

James Heckman, PhD

Harvard Family Research Center

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The Children's Defense Fund