Medication Administration Training (MAT)

The MAT course is a skills based training to help you administer medication safely in your child care program. Training covers:

  • An overview of medication effects
  • Ways to give both over-the-counter and prescription medication
  • The handling, storage and safe disposal of medication  
  • Permission and instruction requirements
  • Preparation and administration techniques
  • Asthma emergency care and special situations

Two ways to obtain MAT Certification

Independent Study Course  (View our Workshops & Training Calendar  for upcoming sessions)

Our Independent Study Course is for the student who likes the convenience of completing the classroom training at home or work at a time that works for them. You complete an independent study then attend a review and test session to complete the course. It is essential that you are prepared for the review and test session. To enroll as an independent study student you must have a working email address to register, and receive important information and instructions pertaining to the class.



Full Day MAT Course (View our Workshops & Training Calendar  for upcoming sessions)

Our full day MAT Course is for the student who prefers the structure of a classroom setting.  Course material is taught, reviewed and tested on during the full day class.  Child Care Solutions conducts our class over a two day time frame to ensure that the material is covered thoroughly.