Medication Administration Training (MAT)

The Medication Administration Course (MAT) is a skills based training to help administer medication safely in your child care program.  Training covers:

  • An overview of medication effects
  • Ways to give both over-the-counter and prescription medication
  • The handling, storage and safe disposal of medication  
  • Permission and instruction requirements
  • Preparation and administration techniques
  • Asthma emergency care and special situations

Two Ways To Aquire MAT Certification

Independent Study Course  

Our Independent Study Course is for students who like the convenience of completing some training at home or work when convenient for them. You complete independent study sessions online then attend a review and test session to complete the course.  It is essential that you are prepared for the review and test session.  To enroll as an independent study student you must have a working email address to receive important information and instructions pertaining to the class by email.  You must bring a copy of the Manual to class.

Full Day MAT Course 

Our full day MAT Course is for the student who prefers the structure of a classroom setting.  Course material is taught, reviewed and tested all during the full day class.  You will receive a current MAT Participant Manual in class.

Upcoming Courses

** Full Day Course:

This course covers all materials and skills directly in class.  A Participant Manual is provided to all participants that can be used during classroom skills.

     Saturday, February 4th  from 8:30-4:30 pm

** Independent Study Courses:

This course is conducted by means of self-study and performing classroom skills.  Study links for the self-study portion will be e-mailed to participants after completion of registration steps.

     Saturday, March 4th  from 8:30-1:30 pm

     Mon, Mar 13th & Wed, Mar 15th  from 5:00-7:30 pm

How to Register:

Step 1:  You must first register your name to the PDP website for interest in attending this date.  Go to: and create an account.  (If you already have an account sign in with your username and password.)

Step 2:  After signing into your account select the date you want to attend by going to: and scrolling down to find the date of this class with instructor Stacey Percy.

Step 3:  After your name is visible on PDP you will be e-mailed a secure payment link to finalize your payment.

Final Note:  When the above steps are followed you will be marked "Registered".  For Independent Study participants - you will receive your study links by e-mail when registration is completed.  You must print and bring a copy of the Participant Manual with you to class for the skills practices; one will not be provided.