1975 - Onondaga County Child Care Council was created as the result of a grassroots campaign to establish an independent, community-based, not-for-profit organization to coordinate and support child care in Onondaga County.

1976 - The Council opened its doors in downtown Syracuse with a staff of three led by Executive Director, Mary Lou Rubenstein. The new organization provided coordination and support for child care services through community education, provider training programs, advocacy and, referral services for parents.

1980's - Under Executive Directors, Suzanne Vaughn and Beth Rougeux, the Council expanded its services, working with local businesses to help meet employee child care needs and supporting the expansion of school-age child care.

1998 - The Child Care Council became the School-Age Child Care Registrar responsible for the regulatory oversight of state-registered school-age child care programs.

2003 - The Child Care Council became responsible for the regulatory oversight of state-registered family child care homes. The Council also became the lead agency of the state-funded regional Infant Toddler Resource Center serving Onondaga and 13 neighboring counties.

2004 - The agency experienced a major transition, moving to a larger location at 6724 Thompson Road and adopting a new name – Child Care Solutions. Both decisions embodied a commitment to the agency’s purpose, our community, and the future of the organization.

2009 - Child Care Solutions was charged by Office of Children and Family Services (OCSF) to assume the Child Care Resource and Referral (CCC&R) programs in Cayuga County.

2013 - Long time Executive Director, Peggy Liuzzi retired and Lori Schakow took over leadership responsibility of Child Care Solutions.  She oversees a staff of 39 who continue to carry out the same core mission that began in 1975.

2020 - Two new services were added: the Child Care Quality Improvement Pilot project seeks to evaluate the impact of coaching, use of curriculum, and increased salary on teacher turnover and quality of care. Infant Toddler Mental Health Consultation services seek to improve social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes by supporting the relationships between caregivers and young children. 

2023 - Executive Director, Lori Schakow retires and Anne Napper takes on the responsibility of carrying on Child Care Solutions core mission with 42 staff.