Oct-Dec 2022 Navigator Trainings

Fall 2022 Navigator

The following list is our trainings for October - December 2022.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work on getting our Calendar fixed.  For now, all you need to do is click on the course name listed below to go to a registration page then register as you normally do.  If you need help getting registered or if you are using CSEA funding call us at (315) 446-1220, we'll be happy to help!

Download a PDF version of our Navigator HERE.

October 2022 Navigator Trainings

13th     Renewal Ready

21st     Loose Parts Play

26th     Developmentally Appropriate Discipline

November 2022 Navigator Trainings

22nd    I'm Having a Bad Day

29th     Implementing Emergency Evacuations

30th     What's In Your Handbook?

December 2022 Navigator Trainings

8th       What is Temperament?

13th     The Basics of Behavior

15th     Role of the Mandated Reporter

CORE Business Series

October 12th          Business & Financial Structure

October 27th          Staff Recruitment, Management, and Retention

November 10th      Marketing

November 21st      Ongoing Financial Management

December 5th        Facilities & Liability

December 7th        Program, Contracts, and Policies

FREE Trainings

October 11th     Arrivals & Departures

November 3rd   Don't Box Me In

December 6th   Experiencing Outdoor Play

 CPR Trainings

October 22nd     Saturday from 8:30-3:30 pm     FULL

November 5th     Saturday from 8:30-3:30 pm    FULL

December 3rd    Saturday from 8:30-3:30 pm

MAT Trainings

To Register for this course you must follow directions below:

Step 1:  You must first register your name to the PDP website for interest in attending this date.  Go to: https://www.ecetp.pdp.albany.edu and create an account.  (If you already have an account sign in with your username and password.)

Step 2:  After signing into your account you must select the date you want to attend by going to:  https://www.ecetp.pdp.albany.edu/findtraining.aspx and scrolling down to find the date of this class with instructor Stacey Percy.

Step 3: Once the instructor sees your name on PDP for the course she will send you a link by email to make your payment.  Your registration will be marked "Registered" after receipt of your payment.

November 12th                Saturday starting at 8:30 am

December 12th & 14th    Monday & Wednesday starting at 5:00 pm