Child Care Stabilization Grant Updates

OFCS Announcement:

Starting June 14th, all grant recipients will be required to complete an Expense Form via Child Care Grant Portal, found here: Providers will have 30 days to complete their Expense Form. 

Funds can be used for purposes allowed under the Federal guidelines including:

·         Personnel costs, including payroll, salaries, similar employee compensation, employee benefits, retirement costs, educational costs, child care costs; and supporting staff expenses in accessing COVID-19 vaccines;
·         Rent (including under a lease agreement) or payment on any mortgage obligation, utilities, or insurance; also, may include late fees or charges related to late payments;
·         Facility maintenance or improvements, defined as minor renovations, including outdoor learning spaces/playgrounds, and minor improvements to address COVID-19 concerns;
·         Personal protective equipment, cleaning and sanitization supplies and services, or training and professional development related to health and safety practices;
·         Purchases of or updates to equipment and supplies to respond to COVID–19;
·         Goods and services necessary to maintain or resume child care services;
·         Mental health supports for children and employees;
·         Health and safety trainings for staff, including but not limited to CPR, First Aid, and medication administration.


What do I do if I have questions?

If you need assistance with completing your application, please contact us directly. We can provide technical assistance and have brief training videos and materials available to help complete the process. 

Do You Need Help? 

Click here for more information and to sign up to attend the NYS Child Care Stabilization Grant Open Office Hours for Child Care Providers.