Child Care in Onondaga County

In November 2016 Child Care Solutions & the Early Childhood Alliance released a summary report on Child Care in Onondaga County

The report states, “Child Care is still perceived by the public as baby sitting, however, decades of research has indicated that quality child care settings are beneficial with helping our youngest children develop age appropriate social, cognitive and emotional skills and should be viewed as the first stage of education. Only through significant financial investments at the Federal, State and local levels will communities be able to obtain affordable and quality care for our families and children. The Challenge: Changes in the Federal Child Care and Development Block Grant of 2014 (CCDBG) will have extraordinary impacts statewide as well as in Onondaga County. It is important to understand the implications of the new law and proactively develop a plan for sustaining a strong child care infrastructure in Onondaga County.”

Find out more by downloading and reading the full Child Care in Onondaga County White Paper here.